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So Which One is Right for Me –

Do I need a Life Coach or a Medical Therapist?

Sheila Viesca – Life Coaches Philippines

Let’s set this clear, while it is healthy to consult a life coach and a medical therapist simultaneously, they function differently.  A medical therapist is someone professionally trained to be a surgeon, a hospital personnel, a psychiatrist, or a practitioner with expertise in handling mental conditions. A life coach may help heal emotional wounds but he is not a physician.  He is the individual who is equipped and fit to administer emotional healing during the coaching session.

A life coach can help out in the problem solving and decision making process but does so from an angle that is close enough to guide and motivate but distant enough so he does not instruct nor dictate.

On the other hand, a medical therapist can get much closer and intervene at a level that allows him to direct the client, recommend calls to action, and reinforce life-changing choices.

The collaboration between the two professions cannot be undermined. Most have learned to manage their life situations more effectively and productively after undergoing medical therapy and life coaching.  Patients who are in remission after getting their mental health illnesses under control can benefit immensely from life coaching.  While those for whom life coaching is not sufficient must be endorsed to a medical therapist so that mental health crisis can be managed or averted. Many people benefit from coaching all throughout their career.  They are guided in their decisions and motivated to achieve more. However, if the quality of the session is affected because of the changing requirement of the individual given his mental instability, a discerning life coach will help in the transition of intervention by collaborating with the appropriate medical therapist instead of continuing with coaching.


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