Life Coaching is NOT Therapy

Life Coaching is Therapeutic But it is NOT Medical Therapy

Sheila Viesca – Life Coaches Philippines


There is a world of difference between coaching and therapy. While both are strong complements to an individual’s recovery, one cannot substitute for the other.

No person is immune to pain, hurt, loss, failure or any debilitating feeling brought about by a life-changing critical situation.  Any crisis not immediately and properly addressed can result in loss of opportunities, career, direction, and quality of life.  The intervention of a life coach or professional help from a medical therapist may be the answer. Either way, it has to be done before the development of unhealthy immunity to pain or even mental instability occurs.

When do I need a therapist?

Unknowingly, some of us can feel healthy while nursing disability of the mind that results in emotional and even physical ailments.  In cases where mental instability is becoming so severe that we are unable to take on day to day tasks and lose track of our purpose or direction, a medical professional can walk us through an the ideal therapy.

When do I need a coach?

In cases of confusion, the mind can be healthy but stuck and unable to discern clearly or respond logically. This situation is usually directly correlated with what we are dealing with at present, sometimes in connection with past actions or future considerations.  At these times, when we find ourselves unable to focus, having no sense of direction, trapped in a corner, or uncertain of what lies ahead, coaching is the better intervention.


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