Letter from Coach Sheila

Hello there!

Thank you for this opportunity to tell you how wonderful you are.

Everyone has a story and all stories are beautiful.  This has been the one glaring reality that has emerged from my coaching journey.  I have been learning time and again that there is perfection in every person waiting to be revealed when the right moment happens.  Now more than ever, I have come to know that all our stories harmonize in the end and we can all learn from one another.


That right moment in learning is almost always in the company of a loving teacher, a sensible mentor, a listening friend, an able coach who is willing to recognize that his realities are not the only realities, that every individual who is willing to listen must be heard, and that everyone must be guided to communicate his personal realities to the world through competent language, purposive action, and evolved self-actualization.


For the life coach, it is both a privilege and a task to be a part of the other’s learning journey, whether as a companion, a shadow, or an inspiration. We are called to facilitate the learning process by encouraging others to find their voice and speak their truths – by allowing them to look at another dimension of their reality without dictating what they should see – by allowing them to contribute in making this world a better place to the best of their realized and evolving capabilities.


Then and now, I find myself using coaching as an excuse to help others discover their fullest human potentials in leadership, arts, teaching, writing, speaking. And what I find most enriching is that there is no one path to effective learning.  After all, many students are already evolved before they even enroll in a class.   The most common denominator, whatever the background or orientation, is one’s need to be validated that he is okay and that everything is all right.  Sometimes, the individual just needs to hear that reassurance from a tangible personality.  Then it resonates within, and he starts opening up to the higher inspiration right from the depths of his being.


That is the time he realizes that the world is how it should be and he is right where he belongs.  And that he matters and everything will work out fine.  The universe does not need healers, teachers, nor coaches for it is already as it has been created – perfect.  But I guess it is comfortable to assume a name or a role.  And so as coaches we adhere to a certain structure that we may not lose touch of a certain sense of order.


Life coaching is a validation of my entire life’s reflections.  It reminds me that my structure is not the only structure. My reality is not the only reality.  And yet my stories are one with yours. We all go through beautiful life lessons that we should be speaking of. Our words and decisions have the power to uncover many more universal realities.


What a blissful situation indeed to discover that one’s reflections and words can heal and are capable of doing so much. That coaching as a tool is magical.  It creates art, music, truths.  It fortifies kindness, acceptance, humility, integrity, constant learning, and gratitude. Coaching is a means not to reach out to whatever is on the outside of a person but to get him more in touch with the essence of his core self.


And to the best of my ability, I will make sure that everyone whose journey I am blessed to join is empowered to embrace his voice and speak his own truths.


At Life Coaches Philippines, we apply the pedagogy that goes beyond just the technical application of coaching and teaching because by the language that we use,  we can help others forge bonds of friendship, choose to excel, find reasons to be thankful, receive more than is deserved, pray for resilience, chance upon peace, create beauty, and do better in this world.


At Life Coaches Philippines, our commitment is to help you excel in all areas of personal effectiveness and corporate competence.  In life and career decisions, we will walk with you until you figure out the needed life rules and corporate tools, so when you have mastered them enough you may journey on your own or with others, on the same path or another path of your choosing, to fully enjoy the beautiful dimensions of your creative expressions and the meaningful life you deserve to have.


All the blessings,

Sheila Viesca

Life Coaches Philippines