Our coaches lead this journey by representing the

highest credibility

and quality

in professional coaching.


Life Coaches Philippines aims to advance the coaching profession through training and certification so coaching becomes an important tool in empowering the individual and in building a humane society.

Certification Requirements

To be a certified member of Life Coaches Philippines  you must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a masters degree in related studies.
  • Complete the 100 hours of coach-specific training conducted by TalkShop

What Qualifies As Coach-Specific Training?

TalkShop  Core Competencies Modules are accepted as coach-specific training:

Our Certified Life Coaches Started As Members.

There are many Member Benefits at Life Coaches Philippines (LifeCoaches.ph), including resources to help you become a better coach and run a better business. LifeCoaches.ph Members also benefit from networking, training, and coaching opportunities. Most importantly, we ensure the continuous enhancement of your coaching profession and reputation as we reinforce the high standards in your personal advancement and coaching practice.